Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The plight of a mobile application developer these days is a challenging one. On the one hand, development in this space is vibrant and full of opportunities; a spectrum of new devices, from smartphones to tablets, is redrawing the boundaries of what users can do. On the other hand, this new landscape also brings new development questions – including, what devices to target, how to create simple yet effective applications, and how to secure the data that is uploaded and downloaded.

In particular, the trend of the consumerization of IT weighs heavily on enterprise mobile application developers. This trend encompasses many facets. Increasingly, corporate users are accessing enterprise data from mobile devices which may be their own or may be deployed by their internal IT department. That means developers may not know what the target platform is, requiring either a cross-platform or multi-platform development effort.

Developers have the unenviable task of accommodating multiple usage scenarios through the choice of their development environment. Multiple development environments are available to address the challenges of data access, security and user experience.  Developers must decide which development environments give them a better chance for success. 

The best results for developers engaged in enterprise mobile development come from applying best practices to the design and deployment of mobile applications. Some of the following best practices relate to any application development effort, but most take into account the vagaries of mobile development.

Mobile Development Best Practices focus on:

  • Rich data capture in real time
  • Work offline
  • Reduce problem solving time
  • Work the way you live
  • Custom branding
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Instant enrolment
  • Make better use of the ERP solution
  • Customers benefit from a much higher level of service
  • Display Width, Display Height, Display Color Depth
  • Input Devices
  • Input Mode Support
  • Cookie Support
  • Script Support
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